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  • What lamp is used to fill the light of plants? I believe that ordinary friends don't understand this problem. Today, the author will introduce what lamps are used for plant lighting?
  • Using full spectrum plant growth lamp is the best way to accelerate plant growth. Full wavelength plant growth lamp is more natural than specific spectrum plant growth lamp, so it has better effect in household, greenhouse, commercial or industrial applications. Compared with fluorescent lamp or metal halogenated plant lamp, LED has higher energy efficiency and can be used as growth light source. There are many factors to consider before choosing a full spectrum growth lamp. LED can provide huge energy for the growth chamber, making it an ideal space for cultivating and accelerating plant growth.
  • Before selecting the LED plant lamp for use, you should consider the field you are planting, the environment you are using, and the performance you need. The environmental applicability of LED plant lamp can be roughly analyzed from the planting area, plant characteristics and plant growth environment.
  • People who have never raised plants may not know how to raise plants and some characteristics of plants. But for some people who have raised plants, they know that there are many varieties of plants. For simple plants, they can be divided into light loving plants and light loving plants. For light loving plants, if there is direct light irradiation, the growth will be faster. Therefore, for this part of the plant, it is convenient to choose lighting. At this time, plant lighting is used.
  • HPS lamp (high pressure sodium lamp) has been a confident leader in the hemp lighting system market for decades. Although other technologies exist, they are unlikely to change their position. In this article, we will carefully study the differences between different types of lamps and try to make comments on their expectations.