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How to select led plant lights according to different environments?

Before selecting the LED plant lamp for use, you should consider the field you are planting, the environment you are using, and the performance you need. The environmental applicability of LED plant lamp can be roughly analyzed from the planting area, plant characteristics and plant growth environment.

According to the planting area, the shape of LED plant lamp is mainly determined. Generally, led plant growth lamp adopts square and circular design. For light supplement of single plant, circular led plant lamp can more comprehensively illuminate all parts of the plant, which can not only meet the light supplement demand of plants, but also reduce the waste of power and light energy when planting single plant with square led plant lamp. However, it is the opposite when planting in a large area. Because of the large area and the tight spacing of plant growth, each plant is required to receive uniform light everywhere. If a circular plant lamp is used, the light at the junction of multiple lamps cannot guarantee the uniformity of a certain error range. On the contrary, the use of square led plant lamps can well solve the above problems.


According to the characteristics of plants, positive plants need to provide sufficient light at the stages of flowering / fruiting / rapid growth. At this time, led high-power plant lamps are often used to supplement the light. If the plants are in the seedling stage and the light demand is not very high, the LED plant light strip can meet their growth needs.


The growth environment of plants varies greatly according to the types of plants. There are great differences in light, air, nutrition, humidity, etc. from the perspective of the use of LED plant lights, the main consideration is what kind of light plants need and how much they need. This has been introduced earlier. In addition, we should also pay attention to some small features. For example, if we do hydroponic culture, the relative humidity of the environment will be large, which requires the plant lamp to have a certain waterproof performance to avoid affecting the use effect of LED plant lamp and the service life of the lamp itself.