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What lamp is used to fill the light of plants?

What lamp is used to fill the light of plants? I believe that ordinary friends don't understand this problem. Today, the author will introduce what lamps are used for plant lighting?

LED lamps are generally used for plant lighting, but the incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and HID lamps previously used cannot meet the actual demand in terms of price or performance. Led plant fill light has the advantages of low heat production, low price, long service life and small space occupation. It can meet the illumination required for plant growth and has a wide range of applications. Note that the fill light must be turned on for 10 hours. It can promote photosynthesis when it is turned on during the day.

1. In general, ordinary light bulbs are used to fill the light of plants. Household lights are usually led lights, which contain blue-green light and red orange light required by plants. In order to make plants grow better, plants are usually allowed to receive the same sunlight. In long-term rainy weather, you can use a special fill light lamp to irradiate plants, which is specially customized for plants. When filling the light of plants, lights can be placed according to the location of plants, which can not only save location, but also make the plant growth environment more suitable. When using fill light, don't get too close to prevent too high light temperature from burning the leaves of the plant and causing the plant to fall off.

2. Plants have different requirements for light. If they are light loving plants, they must be filled with light when cultivated indoors, otherwise, they will grow poorly and even die. But some shade loving plants can also grow well indoors. Usually, LED light source is used to fill the light, but according to the light requirements of different plants, it is also necessary to choose LED lamps with different luminous intensity.

At the beginning, incandescent lamps were used to fill the light of plants, but it was very high in heat and lacked the red and blue light required by plant photosynthesis, which was later eliminated. Then there is the fluorescent lamp, but its output is too low and lacks red light, which is not conducive to the growth of plant seedlings and cannot play a good role.

Later, HID lamps are used, but they are expensive and lack the blue light required by plants, which is not the best choice for plant lighting. In recent years, led plant fill lamps with low heat production, low price, long service life and small space occupation have developed rapidly, and their waveforms are rich, which can be combined according to needs to have a wide spectrum.

If you don't know what spectrum plants need, you can consult through this website. It can be used for greenhouse planting, plant factory or home breeding. Different plants have different fill light times. The wattage of fill light in a 1.2mx30cm space cannot be less than 60W, otherwise the best effect will not be achieved.